This Blog is dedicated to Ginger and her Puppies. Maz, Zoe, Daisy, Jasper, and Junior . This blog is to follow the puppies from birth through the rest of their lives. We have decided to keep all of the puppies so you get to see them all grow up and fall in love with them as much as we did. In the beginning I never realized how much we would fall in love with these little guys and how much joy they bring to me everyday. Having a family that allows us to keep them all together makes it all the better. If anyone is interested in getting a Dachshund as a pet I definitely recommend it . They may be a little stubborn at times but they are well worth it and I hope seeing these guys helps you to decide to get yourselves one, if not rescuing one! If you have any questions about raising dachshunds or anything dachshund related feel free to ask me!
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    MINE. All mine. I want to snorgle them.
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